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Make selling, managing and checking-in guests for your special events as simple as using an app.

Targeted localized advertising

By advertising on CellarPass, you can attract more guests and sell more tickets to special events year-round, leading to a successful destination with happy, loyal customers.Why? Visitors come to our website because they know they can book tours and tastings instantly, anywhere from 30 minutes to a year in advance. In fact, over 68% of our visitors log onto CellarPass.com with the intent to book their trip immediately.And with more than 32% of those guests booking after your business is closed for the day, by accepting online reservations, you capture that lost opportunity.Leave your neighbors in the dust, sign up for CellarPass, today.

The Professional's Choice

CellarPass is not just a reservations platform, it's an enterprise-level guest management solution that gives you a single application to manage all your events. Confirmations are immediately sent and reminder notificationsare scheduled, virtually eliminating "no shows".So whether you want to manage an event by accepting reservations or by selling tickets, with CellarPass, costs are cut, time is savedand the frustration of working with incompatible applications is a thing of the past.With integrations with the leading CRM and retail solutions, extend the power of the platform to recognize club members, automatically apply discounts, synchronize invite lists and so much more.