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Downloading & Configuring the Table Pro iPad App

Updated over a week ago

This article covers how to download the latest version of the Table Pro app and configuring it.

SECTION 1- Confirm Your CellarPass Subscription

In order to use the Table Pro iOS app, you'll need to be an active Table Pro account. You can verify that you are a Table Pro-level account by logging into the CellarPass backoffice and looking at your plan name just below the left-hand navigation.


Basic, Professional and Enterprise subscriptions do NOT have access to Table Pro features, nor can successfully log into the Table Pro iOS iPad app.


Please note that searching through the Apple App Store on an iPhone, the Table Pro iOS app will not be displayed. You will need to be on your iPad device to see the app.


SECTION 2- Download Table Pro App from Apple App Store

In our first couple of steps, you confirmed that your iPad device is running iOS 10 or later and is fully charged. Now that you have confirmed the requirements have been met, it's time to download the CellarPass Table Pro app to your iPad. Be sure you are on a fast internet connection and not attempting to use a cellular connection to download as the app is over 30Mb. [[Download Table Pro]]


1. Go to the Apple App Store on your iPad and search CellarPass Table Pro

2. From the list of matches, select CellarPass Table Pro, confirming that is has our proper "fox" logo associated with it.

3. Once you have downloaded the app and installed it, go ahead and launch the app.

4. If a Login screen is displayed, your iPad is compatible. If the app or screen does not load, then you'll need to check the iOS version the iPad is running and re-attempt.

5. If you have confirmed that you have a compatible iPad and it has been upgraded to iOS  10 and still run into issues, please submit a support ticket.


SECTION 3- Configuring the iPad Table Pro App

Okay, you have the iPad running and have confirmed that you can succesfully load the Table Pro iPad app login screen. The next step is to configure the App Credentials.


1. Log into CellarPass by going to http://www.cellarpass.com/manage

2. On the left, main navigation, select Settings.

3. In the Settings drop down, select Member Configuration.

4. In the Configure Settings panel, locate the two fields, Table Pro App Username and Table Pro App Password. (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE YOUR ADMIN LOGIN)

5. If these fields are currently blank, you MUST assign a strong Username and Password. Do not make these easy to guess by mischievous outside people. Yes, this is case sensitive.

6. Click the Save button to save the changes.

7. After entering the two fields, look in the top right corner of the screen, just below the "Save" button. there's a MemberID field with a number to the rightWe recommend writing this down along with the two other bits of information as you will need these to log into the iPad app. The same credentials will be used for all devices under a single CellarPass subscription plan.


SECTION 4- Logging Into the iPad Table Pro App

Now that you have setup the iPad Table Pro App credentials, you are ready to setup your iPad(s) to log in. Be sure that the iPad is fully charged or plugged in.

    1. Grab the iPad that you setup in section 1.

    2. Launch the Table Pro iPad app.

    3. On the Table Pro app login screen, enter the 3 bits of information (MemberID, Username and Password) that you wrote down in section 7, step 7.

    4. Click the Login button.

    5. If successful, the Table Pro app will launch successfully.

        5A. If the login information is not accepted, you'll see an error message. You'll want to review the credentials in the CellarPass backoffice and retry.


If you continue to have issues logging into the app, please submit a support request.