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Credit Card on File Guidelines

Updated over a week ago

CellarPass maintains some of the strictest security policies when it comes to storing credit cards. This article covers our policies to ensure your credit card and personal information is protected.

CellarPass provides the convenience of being able to securely store your credit card so that you can easily apply it to future bookings. And to be sure we are following the payment industry's best practices to ensure your credit card and personal information is safe and secure, we follow these guidelines.

  1. CellarPass does not store any credit card numbers. We follow the payment industry's best practices by sending all credit card information directly to the payment processor at time of collection.
  2. All credit card references are known as tokens, meaning that no raw credit card data is ever stored in CellarPass. Any secondary needs to charge, refund or void transactions is managed via the tokenized value of the credit card or simply sending the transaction number.

  3. We use the latest security and data transport technologies to encrypt as well as use the latest internet security protocols to secure all data transmissions of any personal information.

  4. If you choose to store a credit card with your CellarPass account, the credit card token is only valid for the property you approved at time of submitting your card data. Tokens saved with a reservation cannot be shared among other properties using the CellarPass platform. If you choose to grant another property to store your credit card, you will have to re-enter it to do so.

  5. If you opted to save your credit card for future ticket or passport purchases, we follow the same guidelines and procedures, though many of the event organizers use the CellarPass payments platform, you will find that you can use a credit card for future ticket purchases to be more widespread. If you find your card is not on file for a ticket purchase, most likely, that event organizer does not use the CellarPass payments platform, which will require you to enter a card to have on file for future purchases with that specific event organizer.