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Can I reschedule my reservation online?

Updated over a week ago

When plans change, CellarPass allows a convenient way to make reschedule or make changes to your reservation.

We all know that travel plans can change, morning, noon or night. And we wanted to make it easy to change your reservation just as it was to book. Since each reservation has different cancellation policies, we recommend that you go to our website and log into My Account and review the rescheduling or cancel options available to you.

Your reservation's cancellation policy can be found by one of two ways: 

  1. Locate the confirmation email sent to you when you originally booked or last rescheduled. There will be a button within the email that will allow you to view your reservation without having to login.
  2. Log into My Account to view all of your reservations and order history.

Viewing Reservations via My Account

  1. Go to our website.
  2. Click the Log In link in the top, right-hand corner of the website.
  3. Select Guest Login.
  4. Enter your email address and password.
  5. If you did not assign a password to your CellarPass account, use the Forgot Password link for a new, temporary password to be sent to you.
  6. Click the Reservations link to view your booking history.
  7. Locate the Reservation you wish to review the details.
  8. Click the View link.
  9. Doing so will show the details of your reservation. Scroll to the bottom to locate the cancellation policy for your reservation.

NOTE: If your reservation's cancellation policy, is in effect, meaning you can no longer cancel it online, you will need to contact the property directly.

Rescheduling a Reservation (if available)

  1. Log into your My Account on CellarPass.
  2. Click the Reservations link to view your booking history.
  3. Locate the Reservation you wish to reschedule.
  4. Clicking the Modify link will take you through the steps to making any available changes, including rescheduling your reservation online. If you do not see a Modify link, you will need to contact the property directly. NOTE: If the Modify button is not available to you, the reservation is now within the cancellation policy. You will need to contact the property directly.
  5. Select a new date you wish to change your reservation to and click the Search button.
  6. This will show a list of available times that can be booked.
  7. Click on your preferred time.
  8. Review your contact information and all the reservations details for accuracy and click the Complete Reservation. button.
  9. Once confirmed, you will receive an updated confirmation email. If you do not, please refresh your My Account and view the details again to confirm.

NOTE: If there’s any doubt, ability to modify or cancel your reservation are not available or you have further questions, contact the property you booked with directly as they will be happy to assist with answering your questions with regards to changing or cancelling your reservation. The proper contact information will be found in your Confirmation email.

CellarPass support is not authorized to make changes to reservations.