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Are Reservations Instantly-confirmed on CellarPass?

Updated over a week ago

When you book a reservation on CellarPass, on any of our participating property's website or any of our network partners, your reservation is confirmed instantly. There is no need to re-confirm your reservation ahead of your arrival.

Booking Reservations

When you book a reservation on CellarPass, or via one of our apps or featured partners' websites, your reservation is confirmed, instantly, in their electronic reservation book. The host is alerted immediately and your reservation will appear in their calendar (electronic reservation book), which is used to manage all of their reservations, whether booked online or over the phone. This information is also available at the host stand, where most likely they will use our Table Pro app on an iPad to check you in or mark you as "guest delayed or as a "no show".

Do I Need to Re-Confirm with My Host?

Since the reservation is recorded and marked as confirmed, there is no need to follow up with your host, or re-confirm your reservation.

Can I Make Changes to My Reservation or Cancel, Online?

Should you need to reschedule, cancel or make changes to your reservations you can, in most cases, make these all on your own, avoiding contacting your host altogether. However, this option is available to your reservation based on the host's cancellation policy which you agreed to when booking. This is also included in your confirmation email and you can view it in My Account.

Checking In

It's important when you arrive on property you identify yourself as booking on CellarPass. This makes sure that your reservation is marked as "honored" which will then send you an invitation to leave a review about your visit. This feedback is an important aspect of booking reservations as we like to work with properties that are focused on providing the best hospitality, but we also know there's times when expectations are not met. We like to be informed and follow up to make sure your lackluster experience is not repeated.

Contacting Your Host

If you do have questions or do need to cancel, you will need to contact your host directly, their contact information is available on your confirmation email.

Privacy Policy

Keeping your data safe and following best practices and regulations is of upmost importance to us. You can view our Privacy Policy and request to have your CellarPass account deleted by logging into My Account, clicking Profile and clicking Delete Account.