CellarPass is committed to protecting your personal data and privacy. This is where you will find all the information on how we protect your privacy, what you can and cannot do with the CellarPass platform and how we handle user accounts to ensure everyone has fair and equal access to our platform.

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This Supplemental Privacy Notice applies solely to California residents.

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Standard Terms of Use

This is the main agreement you are entering in order to use the CellarPass platform

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Additional Terms

CellarPass offers some additional products and features that are subject to additional usage terms and restrictions

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Acceptable Use Policy

We set rules about the type of content you can post to CellarPass

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Privacy Policy

What our company will do and won’t do when it comes to what we do with the information you provide us

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API Use Policy

We expect developers to be responsible and respectful by following our guidelines for interacting with our APIs

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Copyright & Trademark Policies

What you should do should when you believe a CellarPass user has infringed on your IP rights.

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Cookie Statement

Defines how our platform uses cookies and other similar technologies

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Data Processing Addendum

This is our agreement to you that governs data processing activities of your personal data

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