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More to Woodinville than Wine

  • May 03, 2022
  • By Sydney Tanner, local PNW insider

Woodinville is a craft beverage enthusiasts’ playground with artisan distilleries as new neighbors.

When people ask me where I’m from and I say Woodinville, I usually get the oh I love Chateau St. Michelle.  While I agree, CSM is the primary anchor to this mass community and most commercially recognized winery here, what most travelers don’t realize is the bounty of small distillery producers that are hidden in plain sight. 


As a combination of industrial space, neighborhoods on the hills and sustainable farming in the valley, it’s an odd city when you look at the layout.  But the pockets of charm cannot be denied. For example, Copper Cat Distillery moved in not so long ago.  They are known for their gin, vodka, brandy and seasonal release which currently is limoncello!


The best part is they share their cocktail recipes with you.  Every month the couple behind this hidden gem has a little competition to see who can create the best tasting cocktail with their spirits. They post some of their recipes on their website but if you want a true experience then stop in and sample for yourself.


Tucked in the corner between winery tasting rooms near the warehouse district you’ll find them warm and inviting.  Plus, while they rock a “cat” in their name and in their logo, they are very dog friendly. 

 A little known secret is on occasion, the Copper Cat team makes homemade dog cookies and give them out to any furry friend that visits.   




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